Our Team

A self -made entrepreneur Liz Clay has realized her vision. Predicated on two decades of experience, her companies deliver forward thinking service and trend setting packages. She’s lost track of how many times she’s been told she can’t possibly drive a full service operation to her client base. Clay confides that her Team is what makes it possible. She realized a long time ago that the client comes first. Her staff meets her high bar and her employees are all successful, hardworking individuals who share her common goal and service belief system.

When you call her office the phone gets answered and no matter who picks up the phone they will endeavour to provide you the answer or quickly route you to the right Team member. She jokes that the union mentality lasts a minute in her office. We stopped counting our work hours a long time ago; it’s irrelevant because we love what we do. Simply put, we go home when the job is done. This tireless commitment to productivity is what keeps her clients coming back. Well that and the fact that they can do simply ‘everything’ related to a realty transaction.
Liz Clay researches every opportunity to give her clients a superior rate of return. Whether it’s dressing up their home for sale, increasing market rents through property management or finding the right mortgage rate, she can quickly supply the solutions required. Whether you choose to use one or all of her TeamSell Groups service offerings, there’s savings to be made. Meet TeamSell.

Liz Clay, Owner




Over the last three decades, Liz Clay has been intimately involved in the foreclosure business, both as a mortgage broker and a Realtor. During that time she has experienced firsthand the challenges, stresses, and potential pitfalls of navigating foreclosed listings, and it’s thanks to those lessons that she’s considered by many to be the premiere foreclosure Realtor in BC.

What truly sets Liz apart from other Realtors is her end-to-end understanding of a foreclosure transaction. Since she’s worked in banking, finance, and Real Estate she’s uniquely suited to understanding the challenges faced by lenders, lawyers, and foreclosed individuals. Her combination of experience, determination, and professionalism is simply unmatched.

Gord McCrindle, Licensed Realtor

With TeamSell’s Emerge Realty arm since 2011, Gord has proven to be one of the Fraser Valley’s most talented Realtors. His positive attitude and dogged determination make him well-suited to facilitating foreclosure transactions. When the recession hit the Fraser Valley hard, Gord received invaluable experience helping financially troubled clients navigate their way to a stable future.